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The artist Nino Scravaglieri in store.




A brilliant artist, out of time, devoid of fixed schemes and able to range even in the field of philosophy and human creativity. Artist of undisputed international caliber.

Born in Centuripe, Antonio Scravaglieri makes the shore between Milan and Barletta and then finally returns to his hometown, where he is welcomed for the importance he holds on the national art stage, thanks to his authentic and original masterpieces.

A man of great personality and refined culture, who has been enriched over the years, thanks to his continuous travels in the less known areas of the planet earth.

In his works he highlights infinite volumes and spaces, and above all the passion for life and for all that is beautiful and delightful.

Antonio Scravaglieri manages to give a face to cultures that are only apparently irreconcilable, giving shape and lifeblood to the raw material in a perfect and at times, impeccable way.

The artist is one of the few artists able to create the unimaginable and to give luster to things that apparently might seem trivial, or even stuff to be thrown away.

He deserves the credit for being an artist out of classic and obsolete schemes.

In these days, some of his best-known works of art will be exhibited in the Mimma Ninni men's store. The paintings, as well as the representative t-shirts of the paintings themselves, are on sale at the boutique.



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