Givenchy by Matthew M. Williams


The past January, Matthew M. Williams will show his first haute couture collection for Givenchy.


The pieces are really, really worked and complex,” said Williams, his mind clearly in couture world already. In many ways, the collection felt like a precursor to the idea of doing couture.

It manifested in zealous design value, which often made for rigid and constricting-looking constructions like knee-high dominatrix clog boots, as well as tight neoprene tailored jackets harnessed tonally in deconstructed corsetry or implanted with resolute peplums poking out from their hips.


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Those looks were “just” streetwear, but they represented Williams’s passion for texture from its most compelling side.

At a time when streetwear designers are becoming couturiers, Williams will do well to use his couture ateliers for poised experimentation like this.


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